Copemaster Professional Moulding Coping Machine

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NOTE: Please note that the blade used with the Copemaster is a specially designed blade that allows it to remove material laterally unlike a traditional saw blade. For safety reasons, do not use a standard blade in the machine. Consider ordering a spare blade for the machine.

The Copemaster is a precision production coping machine. After making a template, the Copemaster can be operated by anyone to make 2, 4, 10, or a hundred copes. This results in dramatically speeding up the trim installation process. Quite simply: You can install more trim with perfect copes much faster.

  • Quickly produce precise joints even using mouldings with complex profiles
  • Setup your template from moulding stock in minutes
  • Capacity of up to 11-1/4" on the flat or nested crown up to 10-1/2"
  • Produce dozens of perfect copes in minutes

How does the Copemaster improve productivity and precision?

Who is the Copemaster designed for?

We designed this machine with the trim contractor in mind. Having said that, we have sold units to homeowners who did their own trim install and then sold the machine. Also, builders who install their own trim packages, cabinet shops own install kitchens and libraries (one library had 350 copes), contractors who just cope for builders and then move on to the next house, etc. You get the picture, lots of different people have purchase the Copemaster.

The fastest way to produce stain-grade copes in bulk!

If you having been coping for years with a coping saw, jigsaw with a Collins coping foot, disc grinder or whatever your preferred method is and only have a few copes to do, then yes, you should cope that job same as you have been doing. But if you have 80 copes to do, then you can increase productivity and profits with the Copemaster. Begin by making a template from a scrap of your moulding. With the template made, the machine is simple enough for even an apprentice to operate. Just trace over the template and the copes always comes out the same, the straight section is perpendicular and the right depth every time and it takes seconds to cope. The speed and accuracy are easy to see but the real payoff is having a coped pile ready to install. Simple measure cut and nail it up. No more coping each corner as you get there, pre-cope and fly through the install.

What about crown moulding?

With the Copemaster, crown copes really get easy! Watch the video on below to appreciate how the Copemaster can pay big dividends. It is important to understand that every crown cope joint will fit first time, every time, when cut correctly. Imagine cutting 50 or 100 copes with 6” crown and having them ready for you to cut to length and nail up and every fit is perfect.

How does Copemaster work??

The Copemaster works like a key copying machine. You create a template and then use that template to very easily and efficiently create perfect copes one after another. The templates can be used many times saving you even more time each time you install that molding. Watch the videos below to see it in action and to learn more!

How Copemaster Works

Understanding the Coped Joint

Making a Copemaster Base Moulding Template

Copemaster Machine Basic

Making a Copemaster Crown Moulding Template

Copemaster Setup

More Information
Baseboard CapacityUp to 11-1/4"
Capacity on the FlatUp to 11-1/4"
Crown Moulding CapacityUp to 10-1/2" (depending on spring angle)
Vise Jaws Capacity5-1/2" long, 1-3/4" tall
Machine Weight62 lbs.
Stand Weight8 lbs.
Base Footprint at Floor25" wide x 28" deep
Machine Dimensions27-1/2" x 27-1/2" x 16-1/2" tall
Table height on Stand37-3/4"
Power60 HZ 110 Volts, Less than 15A
Product Type Jigsaw
Power Source Electric
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